Stay calm during the storm! Now more than ever is important to remain calm and be positive. Although delays in the production of Bali Catamarans are expected and announced, there are reasons to be optimistic. We are confident that the situation will soon start to resolve and these groundbreaking, trendsetting catamarans will proudly own the seas yet again! 
Not only that, but quite a few of our Bali Catamarans are already delivered and ready for handover while others will arrive soon. 

These Bali Catamarans are available for sale through our Bali Yachting World charter management program and they already come with bookings.

So, if a special Bali Catamaran is sailing through your dreams, just browse through our selection of pre-ordered catamarans ready for charter season! You want to know more? Just ask our Sales team – they will be happy to answer!

Bali 4.1 Avaler - 393.486 EUR + VAT* 

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Bali 4.1 Bisou – 397.484 EUR + VAT*

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Bali 4.1 Sourire – 394.492 EUR + VAT*

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Bali 4.3 Lumiere - 472.855 EUR + VAT*

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Bali 4.8 La Vie Jolie – 750.458 EUR + VAT*

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Bali 4.8 Vaya Con Dios – 736.433 EUR + VAT*

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* The prices do not include VAT
* The above indicated prices are valid only if the charter management contract is signed (minimum two years period)

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