BALI 4.5 разработан отделом исследований и разработок Catana Group, приглашает Вас насладиться яхтингом с ощущением бескрайнего простора. Не следуя нормам, BALI 4.5 является настоящей инновацией: панорамные виды, отличная естественная вентиляция, большая передняя кабина со съемными столами и платформой для принятия солнечных ванн, рулевое управление в стандартном стиле или на флайбридже, элегантный дизайн и внутреннее оборудование, великолепные внутренние и внешние жилые помещения, уникальная автономия в своем классе, непревзойденный комфорт и мореходные качества, не говоря уже о производительности и безопасности, которые вы ожидали от катамарана Catana.



Relaxing: great internal and external living spaces

A great forward cockpit with a seating area, removable tables and a great sundeck (18 m²) instead of the traditional trampoline.

An aft cockpit with a seating area, LED lights and a foldable table.

An additional sundeck on the coach roof.

Comfort: enjoy the best of what cruising has to offer

a unique freshness of the saloon with large, fully retractable windows

exceptional amount of daylight with a panoramic view from the saloon

equipment level that will satisfy the most demanding sailors

elegant design and interior décor arranged to provide you with a stay that is as pleasant as your own home

Practicality:Innovations that leave nothing to chance
A high level of self sufficiency with a 800 l fresh water tank that can be combined with a water maker that provides 200 l of fresh water an hour, fuel tank of 800 l, 615 l American type fridge with an icemaker and a chilled water dispenser and a generator. Along with that, all necessary household appliances are at your disposal and that includes a dishwasher, a washing machine, an espresso maker…

Sailing: CATANA technology, quality and performance
BALI 4.5 Open space is built in the Catana shipyards in France, using the best quality materials. Using the closed-cell PVC foam sandwich construction and hull fabrication by infusion ensure rigidity, durability, and weight reduction. The design and the height of the nacelle allows a better passage through water and with that a higher level of comfort and safety. With the mast moved further aft there is more space for a larger self tacking jib and with the self tacking system, greater manoeuvrability. The sail area and weight ratio is the biggest in its class and that brings the performance that you would expect from a Catana catamaran.

Technical Specification

Build year 2017
Cabins 4 + 2
Heads 4
Engine power 2 x 55.0 HP
Длина корпуса 13.60 m
Длина ватерлинии 13.00 m
Ширина 7.42 m
Газ 1.22 m
водоизмещение 11.80 t
Max. Displacement 16.40 t
Общая площадь паруса 121.00 m2
Главный парус 72.00 m2
Автоматический Стаксель 39.00 m2
Топливный бак 800 l
Бак пресной воды 800 l
Сертификат СЕ A - 12 persons
Concept Olivier PONCIN
Кораблестроитель Xavier FAŸ
Дизайн интерьера Hervé COUEDEL
Bali 4.5
Bali 4.5
Bali 4.5
Bali 4.5
Bali 4.5

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