For you to get the most enjoyment out of your yacht, it must be well-maintained and constantly in good working order. This will affect the resale value of your yacht as well.

Our highly trained and experienced crew takes care of all commissioning, warranty, and service responsibilities for Bali Catamarans at four service centers around the Adriatic coast, the most important of which is in Marina Katela.

So far, we've commissioned approximately 200 yachts to a very high quality.

Our in-house service staff, which includes electricians, mechanics, carpenters, and GRP specialists, as well as a large partner network specializing in various fields, ensures a quick response time and covers all aspects of boat maintenance, servicing, and bespoke upgrades.

Our distinctive market position is founded on our excellent technical infrastructure and our ability to innovate. 

For you to truly enjoy your yacht, it should be regularly maintained and always be in top condition. This will also reflect on the resale value of your yacht.

Our service center, based in Marina Kaštela, will take care of your yachts commissioning, maintenance and warranty claims.


We have commissioned over 100 yachts in the last few years. All our yachts for sale are commissioned by our expert commissioning team to an exceptionally high standard as good commissioning is a key factor in providing carefree sailing for you. Your yacht is thoroughly checked, fitted, prepared for sailing and launched upon delivery.


With continuous supervision and maintenance we ensure the longevity of your yacht and equipment as well as a higher market value when you decide to sell it.

When you buy a Bali Catamaran from us we will suggest the ideal yacht maintenance schedule to keep your yacht in great condition. If you do not have the time to take care of yacht maintenance yourself, we can offer you a complete maintenance package with a yearly maintenance contract. You can also rely on us for any individual maintenance and repairs. Your yacht will be supervised by an experienced full-time, on-site crew. That provides a level of service that cannot be matched by yacht dealers that do not have a dedicated service crew at your yachts location. The owner of the yacht has a permanent insight in maintenance processes and their cost.

The yachts that we hold in our bases are the best evidence of the quality of service that we provide.

Our aftersales team will take care of your yachts maintenance that includes scheduled services, regular yacht, equipment and berth check-ups and winter services such as:

  • berth check-up
  • regular battery charging in the resting time
  • bilge and bilge pump control
  • deck window sealing control
  • deck equipment and rigging control
  • tank control
  • control of rope condition (mooring lines, sheets, halyards..) and replacement if needed
  • navigation lights control and replacement if needed
  • turning on the engine and ventilation during winter
  • sail wash and storage during winter
  • winter decommissioning of the boat and equipment after the season (washing/removal of the deck equipment, washing/removal of the sails and the awning, washing the bilges and detailed cleaning of the interior, dismantling the gas stove, dismantling the plotter)
  • fitting out the boat for the season after the winter (restoring the deck equipment, restoring the sails and the awning, tightening railing cables, gas stove installation, plotter installation)
  • antifouling hull protection
  • deck and hull polishing
  •  hull and interior repairs
  •  engine and S-drive service
  •  bow thruster service
  •  anchor windlass service
  •  electrical and electronic devices service and repairs
  •  sails and awning service and repairs
  •  gas stove service
  •  fridge service
  •  toilet service and installations service
  •  safety equipment service (life raft, fire extinguishers, pyrotechnics..).

Regular care of your yacht and timely attention to problems brings major benefits in the long term.


Your yacht is extensively checked during construction and commissioning.
All new Bali Catamarans sold by us come with a manufacturer’s warranty backed by our Bali aftersales team. As an official Bali Catamarans representative we guarantee high-quality aftersales support with prompt processing of claims throughout warranty. In fact, if the yacht is maintained by us, we will make all the warranty claims for you to ensure the yacht is always in top condition. 

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